Education and Classes

At Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, we offer a full spectrum of educational classes and prenatal services for expectant mothers and their families. While some classes are ongoing, others are offered periodically throughout the year.

Call 818-847-4143 to register and find out about our classes schedules and fees.  Please call for information regarding breast pump rentals, lactation consultations or Spanish classes.

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Maternity tour

We open our maternity unit to you and your birth partner for a free, short presentation, followed by a walking tour. Please call during your fourth month of pregnancy to schedule. This class is free, but advance registration is required for attendance.

Childbirth preparation/lamaze

Prepare yourself and your partner for labor and delivery. Class provides explanations of special exercises, relaxation techniques and other important information. Call during your fourth month of pregnancy to schedule your classes - they fill up quickly!

Childbirth intensive lamaze preparation

A one-day class covering all of the topics presented in our regular childbirth series in a fast-paced format. Participants provide their own lunch and refreshments during the day.

Big kids & babies maternity tour

For children 3-10 years of age, this class emphasizes the importance of being a big brother or sister. Class includes hands-on fun with life-sized dolls, a special video and a walking tour of "mom's" room and the nursery area. This class is free, but advance registration is required for attendance.

Babycare & parenting

A three-part series teaches proper bathing, diapering and feeding techniques, as well as normal infant activity and other aspects of basic infant care. Additional discussion focuses on what it really means to be a parent, communicating love, building self esteem and time management.


Class focuses on the importance and basic "how to's" of successful breastfeeding. Expectant fathers or companions learn how to support new mothers in the early weeks.

Infant/child safety & CPR

Important for all parents and child caregivers, this class teaches you how to prevent common childhood accidents. 

Other important topics cover what to do if your child stops breathing, how to perform infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and more. Classes are available in English and Spanish and are especially helpful for caregivers.


MommyWise is an ongoing, weekly support group for new mothers and their infants. Groups meet weekday mornings and afternoons.