Weight Loss Surgery Video Series

Congratulations on taking a huge step in improving your health!

This video series will show you what you can expect from weight loss surgery, how to identify whether you are a candidate, and how the Bariatric Surgery Program at Mission Hospital may change your life.

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  • 1. Why Consider Weight Loss Surgery?

    Learn how surgical weight loss may improve your life.

  • 2. Am I a Candidate?

    You may be eligible if your BMI falls between 35 and 45.

  • 3. How Weight Loss Surgery Works and How Much You Lose

    Understand how the procedure affects your stomach and digestion.

  • 4. Eating and Weight Loss Surgery

    Healthy eating habits will set you up for success after surgery.

  • 5. Choosing a Weight Loss Program

    Learn how to choose a weight loss program.

  • 6. Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

    Learn what to expect as you start your weight loss journey.