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Dedicated to patient-centered, comprehensive state-of-the-art medical care, the Duran Center for Heart Valve Disease offers the most advanced care to patients with valvular heart disease in Montana and the Rocky Mountain region.

In 2010, the physicians of the International Heart Institute of Montana formalized the care of their patients with valve disease by developing the Duran Center for Heart Valve Disease, a specialized clinic focused on a subset of cardiac patients with valvular heart disease. This multi-disciplinary clinic was named in honor of Dr. Carlos Duran, an internationally-renowned master cardiac surgeon and scientist who pioneered important research in the understanding and treatment of valve disease and was the founding father of The International Heart Institute of Montana.

The Duran Center provides patients who have valve disease with individualized, comprehensive evaluation and treatment recommendations from an expert team of cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional cardiologists, cardiac imaging specialists and electrophysiologists along with specially trained nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses.

The shared expertise and collegial communication among all the members of the team ensures patients receive an optimal treatment plan based on established guidelines and standards of care. Special attention is given to the patient in navigating through the health care system, streamlining testing and office visits.

Patients evaluated in the Duran Center for Heart Valve Disease will receive recommendations such as conventional surgical intervention, catheter-based procedures with our structural heart team, or medical management. We include the patient’s primary care team and referring provider in all of our recommendations.


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We’re part of the International Heart Institute of Montana, a member of the Providence Heart Institute.

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