Montana Medical Evaluation (MME) Consultative Services

Independent Medical Evaluation

An independent medical evaluation (IME) is an important component of Montana Medical Evaluations, providing clarification of other worker compensation systems, disability or liability-associated cases. Impairment/functional capacity evaluations are often used to provide greater objective understanding of the impact of an injury or illness. MME provides focused evaluations for return-to-work, fitness for duty and impairment ratings. Evaluations are available that comply with each state's specific criteria.

An IME is not performed for the purpose of medical treatment. The purpose of an IME provides information to the client who requested the evaluation. Therefore, no treating physician/patient relationship is established, providing unbiased IMEs.

Medical Record Reviews

Our team of experts is also available for medical record reviews.

Panel Evaluation

Complex cases may require comprehensive multi-specialty panel evaluations to address the examinee's medical problems and vocational issues. A panel chaired by Dr. Dana Headapohl may include other board-certified providers with expertise in all health care disciplines who are chosen specifically for the individual case. A focused musculoskeletal evaluation addresses the most common issues involved in such injuries and conditions. In many cases, evaluation of occupational and workplace issues surrounding a worker compensation claim provide a more cost-effective solution than a comprehensive panel evaluation or typical independent medical evaluation, thus providing the necessary information to improve appropriate and timely treatment of the examinee. The most common specialists needed are: orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, vascular surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Causation Analysis For Chemical or Physical Exposures

Medical causation analysis determines whether or not a patient's illness is the result of a work site or an environmental exposure. Industrial hygiene and other onsite evaluations can be arranged.

Population Studies

Onsite evaluations of exposed populations can include questionnaires, examinations, specialized testing (spirometry, lab work, audiometry, dosimetry), epidemiologic studies and panels.

Medical File Review

Expert consultations are available by phone before or after the file review to discuss management of the medical claim.

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