Student Placement Guidelines

All student internships and hands-on experiences, both clinical and non-clinical, must be set-up through The Learning Center's Student Coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: The academic partner or school is responsible for maintaining all student records.

The information listed below must be made available upon request. St. Patrick Hospital will randomly audit files for compliance.

Contact Information 

Please note: All student internships and hands-on experiences, both clinical and non-clinical, must be set-up through our Student Coordinator.

Kerry Schultz
Phone: 406-327-5928
Fax:  406-329-5688

All students are required to complete the following:

1. Review the orientation manual and complete the student checklist. The manual includes:

  • Patient rights and responsibilities.
  • HIPAA, privacy and confidentiality agreement (print and sign).
  • Conflict of interest statement, injuries, background check and risk assessment occurrence / event reporting.
  • 2012 National patient safety goals.
  • Cultural competence and diversity in the workplace.
  • Infection control and hand hygiene.
  • Student / intern professional appearance.

2. Provide instructor with current records of the following immunizations:

  • MMR
  • Varicella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tdap
  • Record of flu shot

3. Provide a national criminal background check covering the last seven years, such as Intelius or Verified Credentials.

4. Once the documentation is complete, submit the following signed forms to your instructor (included in the Orientation Manual):

  • Immunization verification form.
  • Chickenpox / Varicella affirmation of recollection.
  • Criminal and sexual offender background check release authorization with verified background check.
  • Signed HIPAA / confidentiality agreement

5. All students must wear their St. Patrick Hospital student badge at all times when in the Hospital

Instructors are required to:

1. Complete the school checklist / requirement verification form for each student.

2. Provide a copy of the verification form for all students to the Student Coordinator in The Learning Center.

3. Submit the verification form to The Learning Center's Student Coordinator to confirm student has completed all required 4. documentation and is ready to begin their clinical rotation or internship.

4. Two weeks prior to start date, please complete and email the Student Access to St. Pat's Systems Spreadsheet to the Student Coordinator.