House Calls

Primary Care for Homebound Frail Elders and Adults with Chronic Diseases

Adults become homebound for a variety of reasons that include chronic illness, mobility issues, mental health and cognitive disorders. These conditions can make accessing healthcare in a regular office setting difficult or impossible.

House Calls staff provides primary care in the home by family nurse practitioners in collaboration with our medical director. Our registered nurses, medical assistants and home health aides are all involved with the care of our patients. We visit our patients on a routine basis throughout the year and see patients as often as needed for acute illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and other concerns.

The goal of House Calls is to promote the health, independence, self-esteem and safety of our patients. We strive to allow seniors to age in place, prevent emergency room visits and premature placement in a nursing home.

We provide:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic lung disease, end-stage kidney disease and dementia
  • Lab draws and EKGs in the home
  • Health education and community resource referrals
  • Personalized patient care that maintains patient comfort and dignity.
  • Close collaboration with community partners such as home care and mental health agencies, social workers and adult protective services.

Eligibility Criteria: Impaired mobility, lack of funds, under or uninsured, undocumented, Medicare, MediCal.

Services are culturally sensitive, senior-friendly and are available in English and Spanish.

For more information, please call our helpful bilingual staff at 707-547-4684.