A Message to Our Community

As many in our community are aware, childbirth services for Providence (formerly St. Joseph Health) in Humboldt County has been consolidated to Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka (SJE), effective July 1, 2021. The decision to transition services from Providence Redwood Memorial Hospital (RMH) in Fortuna to Eureka was made with a clear goal of enhancing the childbirth experience within Providence for moms and babies on the North Coast, creating a single, high-quality program in Eureka. The legacy of holistic, compassionate care established by our caregivers in Fortuna will continue at SJE. 

By focusing services in Eureka, we will be better able to recruit additional physicians, enhance the hospital as a robust regional medical center, build upon an award-winning program and develop a service line which will be recognized as a center of excellence.

Now that we have begun this new chapter of obstetrics care for the North Coast, we want to share with the community the many resources available to women at SJE as they begin their pregnancy journey. To access important OB program information and services available through Providence in Humboldt County, please click here.

Above all, we are here to prioritize a safe and unforgettable birthing experience by offering family-centered maternity care that's designed to focus on the needs of moms and their babies.

Patient Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • After July 1, can I still deliver my baby at Redwood Memorial Hospital?

    We have informed the community that we are consolidating obstetric services to the Childbirth Center at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka (SJE). Please plan your birth accordingly to include SJE as an option for your birth instead of Redwood Memorial Hospital (RMH). RMH will not offer childbirth services after July 1. If you are experiencing an emergency related to your pregnancy, please proceed to the closest emergency department for your care.

  • Will the transition of obstetric services to SJE affect my prenatal care?

    No. Access to prenatal care will not change. You can continue getting care exactly where you have it today.

  • Are there resources available online that can help me access information for expecting and new moms, like classes and groups or health tracking tools?

    Yes. We encourage moms to visit our website at for more information on classes for expecting moms, in addition to downloading the Circle by Providence app to your smartphone for connectivity to resources and answers to questions about pregnancy, babies, parenting, and your health.

    If you have additional questions about resources available to you, please call 707.445.8121, ext. 7536.

  • If I need testing or bloodwork during my pregnancy, can I still go to RMH?

    Yes. RMH's Outpatient Laboratory will still be available for moms to get all their testing and bloodwork. Additionally, moms can utilize another clinic or lab of their choosing for those services as well as the laboratory at SJE. To connect with either hospital laboratory, please call 707.441.4420.

  • How do I schedule imaging services while I'm pregnant, like an ultrasound?

    If your current prenatal clinic has imaging capabilities, you can schedule your ultrasound there. If not, Diagnostic Imaging Services at RMH and SJE are available for your imaging needs. Talk to your provider about scheduling an appointment.

  • Are non-stress tests and fetal monitoring available at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka?

    Yes. Our staff can help coordinate these services prior to delivery. Call 707.445.8121, ext. 5500 to schedule an appointment. Additionally, lactation support is available after delivery as well.

  • What if my baby is born premature, are specialty services available to care for my baby at SJE?

    Yes. The Childbirth Center at SJE has a level two Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to care for babies: born between 32-40 weeks with medical needs or complicated delivery born to moms with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Staffed with specially trained health care professionals and offering advanced technology, the NICU provides your newborn with highly specialized care if the need arises.

  • Can I schedule a tour of the Childbirth Center in Eureka?

    Yes! We welcome you and your birth partner to tour our facility to help you familiarize yourself with our staff and facility. To make an appointment, please call 707.445.8121, ext. 7536 or visit our website to register.