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To provide leadership and philanthropic support to Saint John’s Health Center and John Wayne Cancer Institute, that serve as catalysts for exceptional health care and research.


Incorporated in 1975 as a separate tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation to advance the mission and goals of the Health Center, the Saint John’s Heath Center Foundation is governed by an all volunteer board of directors and trustees, who bring their leadership skills to ensure that Saint John’s Health Center is here for their community – now and in the future.

Trustees work tirelessly with the Foundation staff to vision, plan, initiate and maintain structured programs of support for the Health Center’s capital, equipment, programmatic needs, community outreach and to carry forward the Health Center’s mission of compassionate care.

When the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth came west to build Saint John’s, generous neighbors helped these pioneering women purchase the land upon which Saint John’s Health Center campus stands. The Foundation grew out of the original Saint John’s Hospital Guild founded in 1947 to carry forward the mission of compassionate care set forth by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. That mission is continued now through the healing ministry of Providence Health & Services.


The Foundation is the chief financial engine contributing to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, technology, programs and services at the Health Center as well as ground-breaking cancer research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Philanthropic efforts have successfully raised more than $600 million dollars, including $370 million dollars to rebuild the Health Center after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Current and upcoming campaigns include support for Saint John’s as the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Center (TAVR) for Providence Southern California, a Neuroscience Institute to serve Providence Southern California and beyond, and the development of the South Campus as a Westside health and wellness destination. South Campus will include a new site for the John Wayne Cancer Institute and the Child and Family Development Center, visitor housing, and retail space.

Saint John's Health Center Foundation is guided by a panel of dedicated individuals who strongly support the presence of a top-tier hospital to serve Santa Monica and surrounding communities.

Board of Trustees

Mary H. Flaherty, Chair
Robert Amonic, M.D., Secretary
Craig C. Benell, Treasurer
Charles F. Adams
Daniel A. Aloni
Robert L. Antin
William M. Apfelbaum
Rae W. Archibald, Ph.D.
Maria Arechaederra
Margot S. Armbruster
J. Jeffrey Assaf
Lee A. Ault III
Donnalisa Parks Barnum
Ambassador Frank E. Baxter
Rudolph A. Bedford M.D.
James P. Birdwell, Jr.
Norris J. Bishton
Eric Borstein
Abbott L. Brown
Jules Buenabenta
Charles G. Cale
Rick J. Caruso
Jonathan R. Cole M.D.
Jonathan L. Congdon
Cynthia S. Connolly
Richard F. Corlin M.D.
Sister Maureen Craig, SCL
Michael W. Croft
Kathy Danhakl
George H. Davis, Jr.
Mary Y. Davis
A. Redmond Doms
Alison W. Edelstein
Kevin Ehrhart M.D.
Jerry B. Epstein
Marc Ezralow
Miles Fisher
Frances R. Flanagan
James H. Fordyce
Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Bradford M. Freeman
William M. Garland III
Allan B. Goldman
Jae Goodman
Thomas F. Grojean
Peter V. Haight
H. Thomas Hicks
David L. Ho
Marcia Wilson Hobbs
Tonian Hohberg
Ambassador Glen Holden
Mark C. Holscher
John G. Huarte
Stanley Iezman
Steaven K. Jones, Jr.
Paul R. Kanin
Mary Ellen Kanoff
Jordan L. Kaplan
Russ Kino, M.D.
Kathleen McCarthy Kostlan
Bernadette Leiweke
Judith D. Licklider
Robert J. Lowe
Carl W. McKinzie
Bruce A. Meyer
Peter W. Mullin
Paul D. Natterson M.D.
Lee S. Neibart
Lisa D. Nesbitt
Chris Newman
Shelby Notkin
Dominic J. Ornato
Putter Pence
Dallas P. Price-Van Breda
Ernie L. Prudente M.D.
Justin E. Rawlins
John M. Robertson M.D.
Jeanne D. Robinson
William P. Rutledge
Daniel S. Sampson
Theodore H. Schneider
Carole Schwartz
Donna L. Schweers
Robert Shuwarger
Laura Siart
William E. Simon, Jr.
Rosa K. Sinnott
Loraine Sinskey
Michael S. Sitrick
Charles F. Smith
James A. Thomas
Nadine E. Tilley
James J. Toth II
J. David Tracy
Stanley Trilling
Donna F. Tuttle
Bennet Van de Bunt
Roger Wacker
Patrick J. Wayne
Edward White
Shannon M. Wickstrom
Gretchen A. Willison
Michael E. Wise
Brett G. Wyard


Waldo H. Burnside
Robert T. Campion *
J. Howard Edgerton *
James L. Hesburgh
Mrs. Earle M. Jorgensen *
Glen McDaniel * 
Ruben F. Mettler, Ph.D. *
John H. Michel *
Sister Marie Madeleine Shonka, SCL
Flora L. Thornton *

* Deceased


Robert A. Day
Carolyn Dirks
Richard M. Ferry
Barron Hilton
William K. Hummer, M.D.
William S. Mortensen
Thomas P. Mullaney
Robert J. Wagner


Virginia Zamboni


Erik G. Wexler, Chief Executive, Providence St. Joseph Health Southern California
Tracey R. Childs, M.D., President, Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, PSJHC
Robert O. Klein, President & CEO, SJHCF
Marcel Loh, Chief Executive, PSJHC
Evelyn Guerboian, President, Irene Dunne Guild

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2015 was an exciting year filled with positive change and growth, and donors were the driving force behind our success with double-digit growth and gift revenue. We invite you to take a look. 

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