Weight Loss Surgery Video Series

Find Out if Surgery is Right For You

Congratulations on taking a huge step in improving your health!

This video series will show you what you can expect from weight loss surgery, how to identify whether you are a candidate, and how the Bariatric Wellness Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center may change your life.

Our lead surgeon introduces this inspiring eight-part web series.


1. Why consider weight loss surgery?
Learn how surgical weight loss may improve your life..

2. Am I a candidate?
You may be eligible if your BMI falls between 35 and 45.

3. How weight loss surgery started and surgical approaches
Learn the differences between the two main types of procedures.

4. How weight loss surgery works
Understand how the procedure affects your stomach and digestion.

5. Eating and weight loss surgery
Healthy eating habits will set you up for success after surgery.

6. Weight loss surgery success stories
Hear some patients’ stories and imagine how your life may change.

7. How to pick a weight loss surgery doctor
Know what to look for when choosing the right surgeon for you.

8. Starting your weight loss surgery journey
Learn what to expect as a patient of Bariatric Wellness Center.

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