Wound Care

Our Team of licensed clinical nurses are highly skilled in wound healing. Our nurses receive on going education in the identification and treatment of wounds, including advance wound care treatments. Our Wound Ostomy Certified Nurse (WOCN) leads the efforts in wound care management in partnership with other wound care experts. Our expertise and collaborative partnerships in the provision of wound care and best practice, allows for enhanced healing in the comfort of the patient’s home.

How Does The Wound Care Program Work?

All patients with wounds are assessed by an RN upon admission. An individualized wound care plan is developed in consultation with the patient’s physicians and WOCN as needed.

Patients with complex wounds are automatically referred to our Wound Ostomy Certified Nurse (WOCN): (a) patients who have Stage III and IV wounds, (b) patients with non-healing wounds, (c) patients with Ostomies

Our licensed clinical nurses, alongside our WOCN are proficient in advance wound care treatments, negative pressure dressings, colostomy care, urostomy care, Ileostomy care, etc.

Our WOCN and Quality Team meet regularly to perform quality audits and develop plans for continued progression in the field of wound healing.