Foot and Ankle

St. Joseph Hospital offers leading edge diagnoses and comprehensive surgical treatment of routine and complex foot and ankle conditions. In partnership with nationally recognized, board-certified podiatric surgeons (foot and ankle surgeons), we perform more foot and ankle surgeries for children and adults than any facility in Orange County.

Our foot and ankle specialists are among only 400 physicians nationwide who are board certified in foot and ankle reconstruction. They adhere to the same high standards found throughout our orthopedic program, which was ranked among the top 50 hospitals in the nation in 2007 and again in 2008.

Our surgeons provide unparalleled care for the following conditions: 

Achilles tendon problems

  • Acute Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Chronic Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Problems with the Achilles insertion
  • Achilles tendinosis (degenerative tendinopathy)
  • Achilles inflammation (paratendinopathy)

Ankle arthritis

  • Ankle fusion (arthrodesis)
  • Subtalar/triple arthrodesis
  • Distraction ankle arthroplasty

Ankle injury

  • Ankle instability and ankle sprains
  • Osteochondral injuries of the talus (OCD)
  • Peroneal tendon injuries
  • Chronic ankle pain/impingement syndromes

Diabetic conditions of the foot and ankle

  • Ulcers
  • Charcot neuroarthropathy (diabetic bone disease)


  • Posterior tibial tendon rupture
  • Flatfeet in childhood
  • Tarsal coalition
  • Accessory navicular syndrome

Forefoot disorders

  • Hammertoe
  • Metatarsalgia

Heel pain

  • Plantar fasciitis

High arch (Cavus foot)

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Nerve problems

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Other neuromas

Problems of the big toe (hallux)

  • Hallux valgus (bunion deformity)
  • Hallux rigidus (stiff toe)
  • Hallux varus

Revisional foot and ankle surgery (failed prior surgery)

Rheumatoid arthritis


  • Fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Sports injuries

St. Joseph Hospital Foot and Ankle care includes all of the anesthesia and medical expertise required to back up the surgical skills and experience of our surgeons. Our state-of-the-art operating room suites are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation available today. Patients have access to a full continuum of care, including the Wound Care Center, Radiologic/Imaging Services, Rehabilitation and Pain Management.