St. Joseph Hospital views every interaction with patients as an opportunity to serve in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Here's a sampling of patient satisfaction survey comments:

  • "Thank you guys for my new hip. My whole life was or had fallen apart this year! I've been on Oxycontin for 6 years and now I'm not. The nursing staff was really great. The therapeutic staff was great. In short this was the best hospital experience. I ever had I pray that the lord cast blessings upon St. Joseph Hospital.
  • "I was treated & cared for in a very professional & caring way. Very satisfied, & thank you very much for everything."
  • "Everyone was great. Normally I wouldn't waste my time on filling this out. Everyone was so nice and figured I better. A+."
  • "I had a good experience at St. Joseph's. I was there for a short time - about 30 hours for a hip replacement. The nursing staff was very good. Thank you."
  • "St. Joseph's was fabulous from the blood donation, admitting, then surgery and stay."
  • "All of the nurses who cared for me were excellent - friendly, responsive and efficient. Your hospital is the best I have ever been involved with. The pre-op people at the Pavilion were cheerful and prompt."
  • "Everyone was always very courteous, very professional, and they cared about the patient's welfare. They always responded right away to any requests for assistance and were understanding of the needs of the patient. I would be very glad to refer anyone to this hospital facility and would select and request this facility if I ever need care or hospital in the future. They are doing everything possible to make the patient's visit there as comfortable and beneficial for the patient as possible."
  • "From the time that I entered until the nurses put me in the care to leave. I was treated with respect, care, and courtesy. I did not have one problem with anyone. I was well taken care of. Thank you all and God bless you."
  • "The nurses and staff were very helpful and kind, I did not want to leave the hospital, I have never been treated so nice. Please thank all of them!"
  • "I was impressed with the entire operation and my stay there - even the food was good!"
  • "I was most impressed with everything. Not that I would want to but I was so comfortable I could take a vacation at your hospital! The colors were most relaxing and the chairs and small bench were great. One could even lie down and rest on the bench. The consideration given to family is wonderful. I felt very safe and protected from infection!!"
  • "The nursing staff and all assistants were exceptional! I received wonderful care from everyone. I wish I could remember all the names of those on the orthopedic floor! Thanks to all!!"
  • "Since I was only in your hospital for three days, I don't remember very much. You must have done your job successfully since the operation was a success. Thank you for a good bottom line."
  • "ALL of the hospital staff during my surgery and stay on July 11 and 12 were exceptional! The nursing assistants worked extremely hard assisting in my care, even though the RNs were attentive too. The physical therapist and occupational therapist were great too. The OT gave some very helpful hints and reminders for at home that have saved me from "re-injuring" by back during my recovery! Dr. (Jeffrey) Deckey is an amazing surgeon. The combination of his skill and experience, along with the services/care provided by St. Joseph Hospital exceeded all my expectations."
  • "All office staff were more than helpful + nice. And all the therapist staff that were assigned to me were very nice and professional & helpful." 
  • "Keep up the good work! I am satisfied with the care I received at St. Joseph Hospital." 
  • "In my opinion St. Joseph Hospital is the best hospital I have ever been in. The staff are very professional, caring & dedicated. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for good medical care."