Visitation Guidelines

To protect the health of our community and to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19, we have instituted certain visitation guidelines in accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of California. We continue to closely monitor the risk of COVID-19 and will make adjustments to our visitor guidelines as necessary. We appreciate your help in keeping our patients, caregivers, providers and community safe!

We currently have a limited expansion of our visitation policy. However, at this time, we are not allowing visitors to the Covid patient unit; family members should communicate via phone/video calls.

Inpatient, Non-Covid Units

We will allow the patient to choose two designated visitors. Patient is allowed only one designated screened visitor per day between the hours of 10 a.m.–6 p.m. for no more than a maximum of 4 hours. Visitors must be 18 years or older; if they leave the hospital during that time they will not be allowed back in that day. Visitors are expected to stay in the room and be masked at all times. However, they may visit Starbucks or the Wishing Well Gift Shop. Visitor badges will be scanned as they arrive and scanned again when they leave to better manage visitor traffic.

Labor & Delivery/Mother Baby Unit

One support person (who must be the same person each day) allowed per patient throughout the duration of the patient’s stay. The antepartum department will allow one visitor per day. The visitor may stay for the entire day, but if they leave the hospital at any time, they will not be allowed back in during that same day. Authorized visitors may visit the cafeteria and Starbucks with a cafeteria pass. Passes may be obtained at the front lobby. Visitors in patient rooms may order a guest tray, payable by cash or credit card to the nutrition caregiver. Trays in Covid patient rooms are provided free of charge. Boxed lunches are available for after hours; please the see unit manager for details. Visitors may collect delivered food from the lobby entrance if needed.

Emergency Care Center/Surgery/Ambulatory Services, PACU, Observation

One support person per patient is allowed and may remain with the patient until they are comfortably settled. Once settled, inpatient visitation guidelines apply.

CV Pre-Op and CVSSU

No visitors allowed at this time.

Outpatient Services

One support person as needed.

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One visitor per patient will be allowed for an initial or follow up consult, the first Infusion visit or for those needing physical or cognitive support. 

Visitation Policy is Subject to Change at Any Time

Due to the rapidly changing guidelines from the state and county around Covid-19, please note that our visitation guidelines are subject to change daily and often times fluctuate dependent on the Covid-19 cases locally counted in our community and within the hospital. To protect our patients and staff, we may limit visitors as needed to ensure a safer environment of care.

Note: there may be times we will allow special exemptions to this policy (e.g., pediatric patient who requires both parents) and those with special needs/disabilities (per American with Disabilities Act).