Providence TrinityCare Hospice - Cerritos

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Providence TrinityCare Hospice - Cerritos

When you or a loved one is facing a serious or debilitating illness, Providence TrinityCare Hospice provides you and your family with comprehensive palliative care and hospice care services tailored to each individual. Palliative care offers comfort and support earlier in the course of an illness. Hospice brings you and your family high-quality care when a cure is not possible.

Our palliative care services help patients cope with temporary pain that is a part of a treatment process, as well as assist patients and their families to keep pain from interfering with quality of life as they near the end of their journey. Our team addresses the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of a patient and provides access to information and choice. We are committed to serve you and your family with personalized care planning, professional services and caring relationships, offering everything we can to manage pain and symptoms.

Providence TrinityCare Hospice provides comforting and empowering support to patients and families coping with end-of-life care, extending from medical and care support to grief counseling and bereavement services for family and friends. We are committed to communicating with you and your family so that you are central in the decision-making process and providing compassionate care to strengthen relationships, meaning and hope.

All of our care is provided wherever our patients and their families need us; in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and in the patient's own home.