Group Lifestyle Balance

Group Lifestyle Balance Program logoThe Group Lifestyle Balance Program provides education, encouragement and the tools necessary to help individuals reach their healthy lifestyle goals.

Individuals who enroll in the Group Lifestyle Balance Program will:

  • Participate in a one-year program that includes 13 weekly sessions, followed with four bi-weekly and six monthly sessions for ongoing support and guidance.
  • Track and learn more about improving healthy eating and increasing physical activity.
  • Learn how to problem-solve and stay motivated.
  • Work towards healthy lifestyle goals with weekly accountability.

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Referral Form

Many physicians are referring patients to the Group Lifestyle Balance Program. If you'd like to be referred, print a referral form. Please have your doctor fill out the form as completely as possible and fax it to us at 509-232-8151. Alternatively you may register online, or by calling us at 509-232-8138.