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More Bridges More Miles Map

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For the past several years Providence Bridge Pedal has been limited to 7 of Portland’s 11 Willamette River bridges. There is no reason you can’t cycle over the other 4 bridges—St. Johns, Broadway, Burnside and Tilikum Crossing. They are always open for cyclists.

To indulge your desire to cross more bridges and bike more miles, we will provide you with a map and limited support. You should be able to cross all the extra bridges and still make it to the finish line before it closes. But please note, except when on the official Bridge Pedal route, you will be biking on streets that are open to motorized traffic.

Get your map and all the details when you pick up your registration materials.

Turn-by-turn instructions

Depart Bridge Pedal route after the Fremont Bridge at N Russell and Albina
West on N. Russell
Right on N Interstate
Left on N. Prescott
Right on N. Concord
Pedestrian/Bike overpass over N. Going
Continue north on N. Concord
Left on N Willamette Blvd.
Under the St. Johns Bridge
Right on N. Philadelphia
Right on N. Syracuse

St Johns Bridge
Left on NW Bridge
Keep Right on NW St. Helens Road
At NW Kittridge, veer right on NW St. Helens Road
Continue straight as NW St. Helens Road becomes NW Nicolai
Veer right on NW Sherlock
Left on NW 21st
Right on NW Front which becomes NW Naito
Right on NW 9th
Left on NW Lovejoy

Broadway Bridge
Right on N Larrabee
Rejoin Bridge Pedal route by turning left on N. Interstate