Cat Zingano steps out of the ring for Q&A on health and fitness

Cat Zingano steps out of the ring for Q&A on health and fitness

Cat Zingano on what it takes to be a world-class athlete, a mother, and have a life. She shares her advice on nutrition, fitness and self-care.

While we all hunkering down to shelter in place, we felt you might need some inspiration from one of the best female athletes. 

Female athletes are no stranger to public shaming of their bodies. Too fit, not fit enough, too muscular, not muscular enough.

One athlete who has dealt with it for most of her career is Cat Zingano. We sat down with Cat “Alpha” Zingano, a professional UFC fighter, to discuss how she prepares, trains, heals, eats, and still manages a work-life balance.

Many people—specifically women—can empathize with these very human elements of performance expectations, body image, motherhood, fitness and diet. In this 4-part video series, Zingano steps out of the fighting ring and into the spotlight for a health and fitness Q&A.

Advice for women starting a fitness program

Healthy diet for training or on-the-go

Lessons from major injuries

How Cat Zingano got into MMA

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