Nursing Students Inspired by Rural Nursing Program

Nursing Students Inspired by Rural Nursing Program


University of Providence recently placed a focus on educating and serving rural communities by starting Bachelors of Science in Nursing programs in Lewistown, Montana (began January 2019) and Anchorage, Alaska (began January 2020). The start of the Lewistown program was so attractive to some students, they relocated from other states to attend. One of these students was Gabby James, who shared her story:

“My mom always said I’d be a nurse, I decided to stop fighting it and go for it,” Gabby James says with a smile. Gabby already has her master’s degree in Public Health. She’s also a world traveler and volunteer extraordinaire. Gabby’s mother is Michelle James, who worked as a nurse for years, and recently became the Executive Director — Nursing Institute for Providence. Her mom’s prediction came true when Gabby started the one-year accelerated BSN program in Lewistown through the University of Providence.

Within one week of deciding to pursue her Bachelors of Science Nursing degree, Gabby left her home in Washington State, packed up her car and moved to Lewistown in January to begin her BSN journey. She loved it and the community loved her. In addition to diving into a rigorous nursing education program she also found time in her busy schedule to fulfill the Providence mission by volunteering in the community. One community leader commented, “We don’t want to let her go when she’s finished with her education. She has added so much to our community with her can-do volunteer spirit. She’s a keeper.”

Gabby has since graduated and is now in an RN residence position for the Labor and Delivery 2020 cohort at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA. She has been an inspiration to those around her and is example of how University of Providence guides students to pursue their calling, and Providence helps turn callings into careers.

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