10 big ideas in healthcare innovation

10 big ideas in healthcare innovation

Executives from hospitals and health systems across the country shared with Becker's Hospital Review in September their thoughts on healthcare innovation. From artificial intelligence's potential to clinical workflows to how the pandemic is changing patient demands. Providence's Aaron Martin shared his ideas:

Health systems and integrated delivery networks are going to have to become very consumer-friendly in their digital footprint. They're going to have some very aggressive competitors move into the space, and COVID-19 has accelerated that. If you talked to me about a year and a half ago, I was going door to door to these health systems and saying, "We don't have a whole lot of time to get our act together from a digital consumer standpoint because big tech companies and great, smaller tech companies are coming in and they're going to be offering really compelling digital experiences for your commercial patient population, which is what funds your entire business. So if you don't do a great job, somebody else will."

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