St. Joseph Health hospitals in the North Bay remain open and fully functional

St. Joseph Health hospitals in the North Bay remain open and fully functional

St. Joseph Health hospitals in the North Bay—Santa Rosa Memorial, Queen of the Valley Medical Center (Napa), and Petaluma Valley Hospital—remain open and prepared to care for individuals in need of medical treatment as a result of the wildfires impacting Napa and Sonoma counties.

At this time, our hospitals are not located in any evacuation zones, are open, fully operational and are prepared. We are currently adequately staffed and prepared to care for the influx of patients coming to the hospitals in need of care.

As of 12 p.m. today (Monday, September 28, 2020):

  • Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department has treated nine individuals with conditions related to the wildfires. Two patients have been treated for burns at the hospital, one was treated and released, and the other was treated and transferred to a burn center. The majority—seven of these patients—have presented with respiratory-related issues, including smoke inhalation, difficulty breathing and asthma.
  • Queen of the Valley in Napa has treated approximately 12 patients for respiratory issues related to smoke-inhalation and heat exhaustion, the majority of which were not admitted to the hospital and were treated and released. Queen of the Valley has not seen any burn victims related to the wildfire.
  • Petaluma Valley Hospital’s has not treated or admitted any patients with burns or conditions related to the wildfires.

We strongly urge the public to take all necessary precautions and be safe; heed all evacuation orders; remain calm; and drive carefully and safely, as injuries can incur as a result of evacuation, such as car crashes and falls. As you prepare to evacuate, remember to pack any medications and medical equipment needed for you and your loved ones. Due to the very poor air quality in and around the North Bay, please only venture out when necessary to reduce exposure and keep windows and doors closed.

Please do not come to the emergency department unless you have an emergent medical need. Our urgent care clinics are also open to care for non-emergent needs and residents can learn more about area evacuation shelters/temporary evacuation points at the Napa County and Sonoma County websites.

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