Mobile Health Resources Instill Hope for Underserved Patients

Mobile Health Resources Instill Hope for Underserved Patients

The Providence Mobile Health Clinic is a consistent port in the storm for Sonoma County’s most vulnerable residents, who have grappled with increasing economic disparities and health challenges over the past few years. COVID-19, annual wildfires, and a worsening housing crisis have significantly impacted at-risk community members. Programs like the Mobile Health Clinic provide equitable care, access and support in a time filled with myriad unknowns.

Since 1991, the wheeled clinic has provided free acute and chronic medical care to the local underserved population, and it’s only gaining momentum now.

The Mobile Health Clinic consists of bilingual staff—two nurse practitioners and three medical assistants—whose mission is to serve members of the community who may not otherwise have access to various health care resources, such as:

  • Treatment of minor medical conditions
  • Limited chronic disease management
  • Health screenings
  • Physicals and well exams
  • Immunizations
  • Health and Nutrition Education referrals
  • Information and referrals to community resources

During COVID-19, the Mobile Health Clinic’s role has been instrumental in decreasing hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Their team has administered several hundred COVID-19 tests and flu shots, specifically providing support to local homeless shelters.

Jennifer Eid-Ammons, the Mobile Health Clinic manager, recalls: “Last week, I was in a conversation with a prominent businesswoman in our community who employs several hundred people. Due to the pandemic, she and her husband had to lay off most of their employees and were no longer able to provide health insurance for them. She was very worried about many of them and their lack of medical access to care. I reminded her about the Mobile Health Clinic, and that we can offer medical care to those in need. At hearing this, her eyes welled up with tears and she reached out to hug me. She asked me to tell her more about the MHC, and I could see the relief in her as a heavy weight of tension was lifted from her shoulders. The MHC is a light of hope during this dark pandemic.”

A schedule of where and when the Mobile Health Clinic will be situated can be found here.

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