Access to Care

Access to Care

Caring for our community has always been a priority and a passion for the caregivers at Covenant Health. While 2020 presented many challenges, our commitment to compassion for those who needed it the most did not waiver.  

One of the highlights of that commitment comes from our caregivers with Community Navigation Services. After multiple emergency department visits to one of our ministries, a 66-year-old male with many health issues was referred to our team. We were able to provide the patient lifesaving medication and guidance for his diet. Because he was diabetic, access to affordable food that was supportive to his diet was an issue. In addition, he struggled with paying his rent, utilities and other life needs. Our navigation team assisted him with medication, diet education and social needs through a social worker.  

Our partnership with government agencies and Catholic services allowed us to provide hope for this patient, touching his life, one day, one person and one miracle at a time. 

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