Thank you, Cathy and Richard Hubbell

Thank you, Cathy and Richard Hubbell

Left to right: John Miller, Cynthia Campos, Dr. Gene-Fu Liu, Cathy Hubbell, Richard Hubbell, Jared Shindler, Dr. Marla Anderson, Evelyn Schlosser

Big thanks to Cathy and Richard Hubbell, whose generous donations have supported many fantastic improvements and technology across our hospital! The Hubbells’ generosity has allowed us to acquire an exciting radiation treatment technology, called IORT, or intraoperative radiation therapy. 

The Xoft IORT technology allows a radiation oncologist to apply direct radiation to a targeted area during surgery. This results in a precise, simplified and personalized approach to cancer treatment. Dr. Marla Anderson, Dr. Gene-Fu Liu, Dr. William Chou and Dr. Anil Sharma were excited to meet the Hubbells and express their thanks.

The Hubbell Family Foundation has donated a total of 35 transport chairs to ease the way for our volunteers who are discharging patients. Cathy and Richard’s gifts have also supported our Emergency Department and the Leonard Cancer Institute. Not only is Cathy a generous donor, but she is also a volunteer at Providence Mission Hospital who has served with us since 2003. We appreciate you!

Learn more about giving opportunities with the Providence Mission Hospital Foundation here.