Providence St. Patrick Hospital named Top 25 in nation for environmental stewardship

Providence St. Patrick Hospital has been named one of the Top 25 hospitals in the country for its distinguished work in pursuing environmental excellence. We also received the Greening the OR Recognition Award and a Circle of Excellence Award for Waste from Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to environmental sustainability in health care. 

Top 25

Practice Greenhealth’s highest honor for hospitals. Selected from the pool of Partner for Change applicants, these hospitals are leading the industry in all-around sustainability performance, demonstrating comprehensive programs, and illustrating how sustainability is entrenched in their organizational culture. Each year, the competition for these top spots increases as hospitals across the country continue to innovate.

Circles of Excellence

The Circles of Excellence Awards celebrate hospitals who have not only earned an award for all-around sustainability achievement, but have also been identified as the top scoring programs for each sustainability category.

Greening the OR

The Greening the Operating Room Award honors facilities that have made substantial progress in reducing the impact of the surgical environment.

In health care, sustainability means looking at how our operations affect the health and safety of our environment as well as the health of our patients, staff, visitors and local community. Strategies to address sustainability at our organization include minimizing and recycling waste, addressing chemicals of concern, lowering energy and water consumption, sourcing food and products sustainably, and establishing environmentally preferable purchasing criteria. At Providence St. Patrick Hospital, we know sustainability is essential to better care for our patients, communities, and planet. 

Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Polson won a 2023 Environmental Excellence Award – The Partner for Change award for broad environmental excellence. 

We’re grateful to the many caregivers, frontline workers and administrators who are committed to this work and bring innovation, ingenuity and adaptability to help us dramatically improve our footprint.

The more we work together to reduce our carbon footprint, the more we are directly contributing to the health of our communities and a more sustainable future.