Digital in action: Why you’ll want to download the Providence app


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  • Health care can feel complicated but managing it doesn’t have to be. Providence believes patients deserve high-quality, personalized experiences – which are now available in the new Providence mobile app. 

  • With a seamless experience, the app provides a one-stop shop for patients, caregivers and other health care consumers to manage their care during visits and every day in between. 

  • Read on to learn about the app’s new, innovative features that make staying on top of your health journey, whether online or in-person, easier than ever before. 

Why you'll want to download the Providence app

The Providence Digital Innovation Group (DIG) is working to make the health care journey easier for patients through innovative digital tools like the Providence app. While the app has been around for several years, the DIG team has been adding new features that make staying on top of your health easier than ever.

“If I’m a patient, the Providence app is the one tool that will help me manage my health and wellness,” says David Long, executive director of marketing for Providence. “It is a one-stop destination and a way to take Providence, our products and services, with you in your pocket. It offers a personalized experience that knows you and helps you manage your care – not just when you are sick or injured and need care but also every moment in between.”

New communication tools for a new app experience

The Providence app offers a variety of features to help patients navigate their health journey, whether they are actively receiving care from a provider or just trying to stay their healthiest between appointments. These features include:

  • 24/7 access to health information. 
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers, particularly through the Grace smart assistant that can direct patients to resources to refill prescriptions, schedule appointments and find other help.
  • Appointment scheduling, including video visits or same-day care at our convenient urgent care and Express Care locations. 
  • Personalized recommendations and self-serve content tailored to your health history.
  • Preparation for your next appointment, including in-app check-in and previous test results.
  • Provider search tools to find doctors and specialists.
  • Reminders for upcoming screenings and appointments.

Sharing these new features meant a new approach to communicating about the app among Providence’s patients, caregivers and others in the community.  

“We looked at the complete product, platform and experience to see if the message we shared reflected the current and future offering from the app,” says Long. “We worked with our product, data strategy and marketing teams and recognized we had an opportunity to share more about new, key features that could make our patients’ lives easier.”

The goal of this new messaging is to better share and drive adoption of the Providence app among internal stakeholders, consumers and patients. 

“The purpose of the app is to partner with and help patients live their healthiest lives and improve their well-being,” says Long. “These tools will help them save time, get convenient access to their health information, find Providence services and be better supported in their health journeys.”

A one-stop shop for managing health

The Providence app offers an in-app experience that is different from what’s available on the website or a patient’s MyChart account. In particular, the app offers personalization, since it can know who patients are, what they need and when they need it. 

“The app is not just customizable from Providence as a health system but tailored to you as a person,” says Long. “It integrates all the care tools you might use, from an app for hypertension or diabetes or ways to follow up on your most recent visit with your health care provider. It’s a one-stop destination that integrates multiple services, tools and information into one easy-to-use app.”

While anyone – patients, caregivers and other health care consumers outside of the Providence network – can benefit from the app, being a Providence patient unlocks new features within the app since it can access your health record. For example, the Grace chatbot can answer more questions and provide personalized service based on your health history. 

Long recommends patients use the app when they are looking for:

  • Access to personalized wellness programming and content. 
  • Financial assistance.
  • How to protect their health between visits.
  • Reminders for healthier outcomes.

Patients can download the app for iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play.  

“Whether you have an appointment or are looking to streamline your health experience between visits, the app offers new ways to protect your health and help you achieve your health goals,” says Long. “It is a singular destination and partner in achieving better health. Health care can be complicated. This app aims to simplify care in a way that is powerful and on your terms.” 

Contributing caregiver


David Long is the executive director of marketing for Providence.  

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