Coronavirus Visitor Policy

A Message to Our Community

In order to protect the health of our communities, and as a safety precaution to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19, we have instituted visitor restrictions in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

We understand the importance of patients having access to their loved ones while receiving care at our hospital. At this time, we ask patients and families to consider communication through phone and video chat as their primary means of communication.  

Visitor Policy for non-COVID-19 patients

Effective November 18, 2020*, visitors are not allowed in the following areas to visit non-COVID patients:

  • Inpatient Units
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Outpatient areas (including Emergency Departments)

Visitor Policy for COVID-19 patients

Visitors are not allowed for patients with or suspected of having COVID-19. In certain circumstances, visitors are considered approved for the care or well-being of the patient and family. In these circumstances, visitations will be allowed into COVID-19 patient rooms so long as Infection Prevention measures are followed.

Approved visitors for patients with or suspected of having COVID-19 include:

  • Visitor helping to provide patient care and/or caring for pediatric patients
  • Emotional support person for pregnant woman’s well-being and care (see specifics below)
  • Visitors for patient at end of life, comfort care or recently deceased (see specifics below)
  • Patients with physical, intellectual and or developmental disabilities and those with cognitive impairments who need a family member or support person to provide emotional comfort.

Details for visiting specific patient populations with COVID-19: 


  • Limit to one visitor per patient with COVID-19 at a time.
  • Visitors will be assessed to determine risks to their health.

Labor and Delivery

  • Visitors will be limited to those essential for the pregnant woman’s well-being and care (emotional support persons).
  • Depending upon the extent of community-transmission, hospital may consider limiting visitors to one essential support person and having that person be the same individual throughout the hospitalization.
  • Allow doula to be there in addition during labor.


  • One set of parents/guardians 24 hours per day

*Visitation restrictions during COVID-19 response are subject to change.