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Know how the current health care debate impacts us all

June 19, 2017
At the national level, there is an effort to significantly defund the Medicaid program by $800 billion over the next 10 years.

Care on-demand

March 16, 2017
Our employed providers are leading the way forward as we meet our consumers’ demand for convenient access to quality and affordable health...

Collaborating for Better Healthcare

December 22, 2016
The Collaborating for Better Healthcare Community is an online community where influencers like you are invited to share your opinions and shape...

We're closing the health screening gap with outreach

December 07, 2016
It’s easy to call the doctor when you’re sick. If you don’t feel well, getting help seems natural. But what about when...

The Medical Group of the Future: Our Digital Front Door

December 07, 2016
As health care continues to evolve to meet the needs of consumers, Providence is using technology to invite more people through the front doors of...

Partnering with our physicians for population health success

December 07, 2016
Change has come to the way our care teams, support staff and payors work together to deliver care designed to improve the health of our communities.

MACRA Top 10 things to know about CMS final rule

November 04, 2016
Since March, we have been strategizing and educating our organization to prepare for MACRA, and just this month on Oct. 14, CMS issued the...

ABCs of the caregiver ACO

August 22, 2016
As caregivers, we use acronyms often in our daily conversation: HIPAA, EMR, HSA, JCHAO, PCP, OTC… the list goes on and on. But there’s...

We don't want to see heart failure readmission in our hospitals

August 11, 2016
Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admission, illness and death in the United States. Nearly 5.7 million people are living with heart...

We will embrace proactive care models, Karen Boudreau, M.D., leads this work

August 01, 2016
Claire* is a 41 year-old divorced woman with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. With a limited-flexibility work schedule, she struggles to manage...
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