PPE Resources

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Resources

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Resources

The information provided by Providence in these videos and job aids is for informational purposes only. Content and guidelines presented are according to the CDC as of March 12, 2020 and are subject to change dependent on further delineation by the CDC.

Providence prepared this information for our own caregivers in the context of our regular and ongoing programs of education, safety, policies and protocols, and continuing education required or encouraged to our staff. We do not recommend these videos and job aids as the sole source of information on the subjects shown, but only as a useful and practical illustration. 

Video Library: How to put on and take off PPE

Providence has created a series of videos showing how to put on (called donning) and take off (called doffing) the most common sets of PPE available. These videos supplement accompanying written job aids. 

Use these videos to help reinforce how to properly go through the donning and doffing sequence, selecting the video that most closely matches the PPE available at your location. As a reminder, if your hands become contaminated during the doffing procedure, perform hand hygiene before continuing.

How to make our face masks

We have received many requests from our health-care colleagues across the country about the steps we have taken to make our own face shields. 
Here is the step by step guide we have used.

This video tutorial is intended for volunteers who have been selected to help us make masks. Our product uses medical grade material that is not available commercially. We are supplying volunteers with this specific material. Masks created with alternative materials may not have the same effectiveness.