What People Are Saying About “Help is Here”

Family Caregiver Book Image"Written like a conversation with others who have been there before you, 'Help Is Here' is a down-to-earth, practical guide that helps answer the 'Now what?' questions that you'll have when you’re caring for your loved one with dementia. It offers helpful suggestions and techniques for everything from managing doctor visits to knowing when you need a care facility. 'Help Is Here' walks you through what you need to know and when you will need it. No one should make this care journey without it." – Mark T.

"The wealth of information in 'Help is Here' has been a godsend to the families of my patients and my own family members who are caring for a loved one with dementia. Families tell me they use the book as an ongoing reference, particularly during those last years of declining function. Thank you!" – Marianne Parshley, M.D., physician

"This is a valuable book for anyone who has a loved one with dementia. The section on caregivers is especially helpful. It explains that when the caregiver is healthy, the person with dementia benefits. Thanks for giving me that permission!" – Kathleen L.

" 'Help is Here' has been an invaluable resource for the caregivers of my patients with dementia. Families have thanked me time and again for giving them this book to help support them and their loved ones." – Kristin Kocher, M.D., physician