Expert Health and Nutrition Tips

Writing Your Own Prescription for a Healthier Life
Exercise and nutrition lead to optimal men’s health
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., says exercise and nutrition is key to men’s health and wellness, including strong heart and brain health.
Cook with us: Blackened shrimp and pesto quinoa bowl
Join Providence and Homemade for a free, online cooking classes. In less than an hour, you’ll be enjoying a nutrition-packed quinoa bowl.
Talking to an expert: The crucial role of nutrition in cancer care
In honor of National Nutrition Month® Alyssa George, MA, RDN, program manager at Oncology Nutrition, Providence Cancer Institute, talks about the important connection between cancer and nutrition.
Healthy eating tips for older adults
Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is important as we get older. Providence Swedish Dietitian Meghann Karch has tips on how to eat healthy as you age.
Children’s Center Offers Free Group Classes in Snohomish County
The Providence Children's Center is a place where kids and families can learn about health and wellness in a fun and interactive way.
Cook with us: Herbed salmon with asparagus
Join Providence and Homemade for a free, online cooking classes. In less than an hour, you’ll be enjoying a fresh tasting salmon and asparagus.
Cook with us: Hearty Italian minestrone soup
Join Providence and Homemade for a free, online cooking classes. In less than an hour, you’ll be enjoying minestrone soup and crackers.
Virtual education: Food and common cancer myths
Providence registered dietitian Christina Speaks, MS, RDN, LD, shares valuable information about food and common cancer myths.
Healthy heart, healthy life
You can make a big difference in how healthy your heart is. A Providence cardiologist explains some lifestyle changes you can make to avoid heart disease.
Caregiver Spotlight: Johnathan Smith creates a winter wonderland
How a hospital food and nutrition manager created an elegant and cozy meal for caregivers
A Healthier You in the New Year: Setting Goals for a Better Life
As we welcome a new year, it's a great time to think about our health and make plans for a brighter future.
Holiday Cravings: A Guide to Enjoying a Healthy, Peaceful Holiday
To make the holiday season enjoyable, it's important to make peace with food and develop some smart eating habits. Let's break down a few simple strategies.
Tips for eating healthy while still enjoying the holidays
We know it’s hard to make good food and drink choices at holiday meals and events. But you can still enjoy the season without totally blowing your diet.
Diabetes Awareness Month: Debunking Common Myths
November 14th is World Diabetes Day (WDD), a time when the global community comes together to raise awareness about this chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide.
Providence Milwaukie Community Teaching Kitchen: Nourishing Your Community
The Providence Milwaukie Community Teaching Kitchen transforms lives and strengthens its community.
Learn to cook with new, free online cooking classes
Providence Health has partnered with Homemade to offer new, free, online cooking classes that will help you enjoy more delicious and nutritious meals.
Healthy mom, healthy baby: Supporting new moms and babies on their breastfeeding journey
Many parents choose to breastfeed their children, and Providence is proud to support these families as we celebrate National Breastfeeding Month together.
Reduce your sodium intake with small changes this summer
Make your summer barbecues and picnics low sodium events with these helpful tips.
Register for a free, virtual cancer nutrition class
A free virtual online class hosted by Providence Cancer Institute will highlight what to eat during cancer treatments, how to manage side effects and how to speed healing.
8 ways to start lowering your blood pressure today
You can lower your blood pressure by making healthy changes in your life. Try these 8 science-backed tips to bring your blood pressure down.
Providence Heart Institute: a patient-first approach
The Providence Heart Institute coordinates care for patients while providing them with access to leaders in the field and the latest procedures.
5 tips to reach your nutrition goals this year
Registered dietician, Tanja Pavlovic from the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, offers 5 tips to plan and sustain a healthy lifestyle now and into the future.
Create Life-Changing Results with Providence Medical Group’s Diabetes Prevention Program
Ready to begin building health habits for life? Providence Medical Group is accepting applications for a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) offered virtually.
How food can become your “fuel for the future”
March is National Nutrition Month, so Providence and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are sharing tips for maintaining healthy diets.
How to spot signs of an eating disorder in your teen
Is your teen just a picky eater, or might they have an eating disorder. We talk about the not-so-obvious signs of eating disorders.
Start the new year with healthy habits
Are you ready for a change this year? Try some of our tips for developing a healthy body, mind and soul.
Learn how to eat well and stay safe during the holidays
You can make good food choices, take care of your mental health and stay physically well this holiday season. Here’s how.
A keto diet could benefit people with multiple sclerosis
The ketogenic diet has helped many people lose weight. Now, researchers are suggesting it can also help those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).
Food for the soul: Hispanic Heritage Month
Dig in with these delicious recipes inspired by the rich and diverse culinary cuisine of Spanish-speaking countries.