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Second Opinion

Do you require a second opinion on a current diagnosis or treatment plan? To review your case, contact the Clinical Institutes' highly qualified network of physicians. You may get answers to your questions and the assurance you need to take the next step in your care journey, right from the comfort of your own home.

Why Consider a Second Opinion from Providence’s Clinical Institutes?

  • Convenience: Secure a second opinion from a highly trained specialist without leaving your home. All information is gathered through Providence’s HIPPA compliant electronic portal.
  • Affordability: Providence’s second opinion services only cost a single out-of-pocket payment of $200*. (*terms and conditions?)
  • Timeliness: Upon submitting your request you will be contacted within two business days by one of our specialized second opinion navigators who will walk you through the process, answer any questions, and gather all necessary information for us to review your case. Upon receiving all necessary information, your physician specialist will provide a written second opinion within seven to ten business days.
  • Selection: With one of the largest physician sub-specialty networks in the country, you’ll be given the option to choose the location, program and physician that reviews your case and provides your second opinion.
  • Simplicity: Throughout the experience you’ll be guided by one of Providence’s specialized second opinion navigators. All patient information and medical records will be collected via our HIPPA compliant electronic portal, ensuring your privacy and convenience throughout the process.
  • Peace of Mind: A process designed in its entirety to fulfill Providence’s mission of easing the way of our patients.
  • When should I consider having a second opinion?
    • Received an initial opinion with a treatment recommendation for a serious or rare health condition.
    • Received an initial opinion from a provider that does not sub-specialize in your condition.
    • Received a treatment recommendation that involves serious risks, such as surgery.
    • Seeking confirmation that your initial diagnosis and/or treatment recommendations are correct.
    • Received medical advice that your diagnosis is not treatable.
  • How much does a second opinion cost?
    • A virtual second opinion for patients costs a single out-of-pocket payment of $200. This fee includes:
      • Access to a personal navigator that will guide you through every step of the process.
      • A written review by a physician that sub-specializes in your condition.
      • The option to schedule an in-person visit with your consulting physician after receiving your second opinion (at regular cost of physician visit).
  • Does insurance cover second opinions?

    Providence does not currently offer payment for second opinions through insurance.

  • I’d like to see if I’m eligible for a second opinion from Providence, what are my next steps?
    • To initiate a review of your eligibility, please follow one of the buttons below for your region.
    Providence Neuroscience Institute - Oregon
    Providence Saint John's Neurosciences - Southern California
    • Upon submission of the form, you will be contacted by one of our second opinion navigators to determine your eligibility and walk you through the next steps.
  • What is the timeline to receive a virtual second opinion
    • You will be contacted by a second opinion navigator within two business days (48 hours) of submitting your form.
    • Our second opinion navigator will assist you in uploading all necessary information through our HIPPA-compliant second opinion portal.
    • Once we have received all the necessary information, we will provide your written second opinion in seven to ten business days.
  • Who chooses the physician providing my second opinion
    • As one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country, Providence has many exceptional specialty programs across the West Coast and Texas to choose from. When you are completing your request form, you will be asked to choose your preferred location and program.
    • Upon receiving your request at your chosen location/program, your second opinion navigator will review your case and direct it to the physician with the highest sub-specialization for your individual diagnosis.
  • What should I expect to receive once my second opinion is complete
    • Once your second opinion has been completed, you will receive notification via your preferred communication method (e.g. text, email).
    • Your second opinion will come in the form of a written document.
    • After you have received your second opinion, your navigator will contact you to answer any questions, as well as provide the option to schedule an in-person visit with your consulting physician if desired.
  • Can I schedule a follow up appointment with the specialist who provided my online second opinion

    Yes. In the wrap-up discussion with your navigator, you will be given the option to schedule and in-person meeting with the specialist that provided your second opinion at the cost of a regularly scheduled specialist appointment.