Consulting Services and Innovation Programs

Consulting Services

Putting our expertise to work for you.

As one of the only health systems in the country to have launched and scaled this magnitude and diversity of Telehealth programs, we are distinctly qualified to help your organization use Telehealth in unique, problem-solving ways. Whether your organization is interested in developing new Telehealth offerings or optimizing your current programs, we’re here to help.

We specialize in:

  • Product and program development
  • Clinical and operational workflow
  • Provider, TelePresenter, and Staff Training
  • Provider Network Development, including licensing and credentialing
  • Billing and compliance
  • Technology solutions and support

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Serving the unique needs of every community.

The Providence Telehealth team includes experts who have worked across the care continuum. This infuses the organization with a unique ability to navigate the complexities of delivering Telehealth solutions in a variety of environments. We’ve leveraged this expertise to launch more than 100 local Telehealth programs that serve thousands of patients a day across acute, ambulatory, and home settings.

Our approach involves close collaboration and partnership with clinical and operational teams to identify innovative ways to use Telehealth to solve local healthcare delivery challenges. A key tenet is to find solutions that ease the way for caregivers and patients by using Telehealth to improve the quality, access, and affordability of care. In addition to the 100+ programs launched, we also specialize in neonatal resuscitation and infectious disease.

Innovation Programs

Partner with us to help your organization use Telehealth to:

  • Increase access and patient convenience
  • Reduce total cost of care
  • Decrease travel time for patients and providers
  • Improve provider and care team engagement and satisfaction

Download a sampling of 100+ innovation programs or email us for more information.