Integration of experienced telehospitalists into your team provides timely care for patients and support for onsite staff.

Telehospitalists act as part of your team to drive quality outcomes and consistency of care, flexing their level of support to your needs. The telehospitalist program offers access to experienced hospitalists during the night shift, available to assist with hospital admissions and care of admitted patients.

Access to telehospitalists expedites time to get patients diagnosed and treated – improving clinical and financial outcomes, caregiver satisfaction, and work/life balance for physicians.

Services offered:

  • Nocturnal telehospitalist support for admissions and cross-cover

Comments from our partners

“Hospitalists can manage a more complex case load”

“We can handle a lot more now. Previously you’d have a patient with bad lungs, horrible pneumonia, they get intubated and I’m shipping them within 24hrs. Now, we can hold onto them for 3-4 days no problem.” – Client site M.D.

“Floor nurses get the support they need”

“When you wakeup an on-call doctor in the middle of the night you may get some backlash. But the [tele]hospitalists are great…you know they are there and awake.”– Client site MSN, NP

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