Frequently asked questions for employers

What are the requirements for setup?

We can help you determine the best location to set up a Providence Express Care Kiosk exam room at your worksite. The room will need to be private, soundproof and measure at least 8 feet by 10 feet. You’ll also need a network connection with a minimum speed of 1920 kbps.

How much does a Providence Express Care Kiosk worksite appointment cost the employer?

Costs vary and are dependent on numerous factors, such as site implementation, equipment and furnishings, and number of visits.

How much does a Providence Express Care Kiosk worksite appointment cost the employee?

The fee to employees is at the employer’s discretion. Many employers choose to make the service free to their employees and employees’ family members. However, if treatment requires laboratory tests, medication prescriptions or a referral to another provider, the employee or their health insurer incurs any associated cost.

How does billing work?

Employers are billed a flat rate and receive monthly invoices.

How is employee confidentiality protected?

Providence Express Care Kiosk is HIPAA compliant. As is customary for any medical visit, the patient must consent to care and be provided HIPAA documentation at the start of the visit. Care is provided through a HIPAA-secure videoconference system in a private room.

What happens if the equipment fails?

Technical support is available in the event that the connection cannot be maintained. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, the nurse practitioner will complete the consultation over the phone.