Collaborative support for high acuity, complex patients

Patients who are critically ill have many concurrent and emergent needs throughout their ICU stay and have some of the highest cost impacts in healthcare delivery organizations. Providence TeleICU services enhances support for your local ICU care team, providing access to experienced critical care clinicians, including nocturnal intensivists and 24/7 critical care support.

A TeleICU can lower costs of care by reducing length of stay in the ICU and the patient’s overall hospital stay through timely, expert, and collaborative support for high acuity, complex patients.

Proven Outcomes

Intensivist-led care in the ICU has been demonstrated to improve outcomes and lower costs of care by providing timely, expert, and collaborative support for high acuity, complex patients.

Integrating TeleICU into your care model can extend this critical care expertise to where it is most needed, increasing safety and quality of care. As an integrated part of your care team, our program can help provide readily accessible expertise to support your team in achieving these goals.

  • Increased access to critical care specialists
  • Reduced travel and avoidable patient transfers
Quality & Effectiveness 
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Intensivist-led ICU care
  • Support for onsite clinical teams
  • Increased provider and staff satisfaction
Cost of Care
  • Decreased ICU LOS
  • Reduced turnover and agency/locums staffing


Tele-Intensivist used TICU camera connection to confer with the RN. The patient is on an IABP. The RN shared her assessment and information with the more

– Nurse Manager, TeleICU Partner Site

I was very concerned about the transition from an intensivist during the day to TeleICU at night, but after using it I am very satisfied. Great docs make it work!

– Critical Care RN, TeleICU Partner Site

The night staff are really liking the camera connection with the TeleICU. Even early in the program, one nocturnal Clinical Nurse routinely goes room to room around 9pm and rounds together with the Tele-Intensivist. She loves it. Yay!

– Nurse Manager, TeleICU Partner Site

Tonight we had a Code Blue event in the ICU which was managed by the remote intensivist in the Tele-ICU. The Tele-ICU system worked perfectly and overall the code went very smooth.

– HUC, TeleICU Partner Site

I think the TeleICU program is fantastic and offers a great level of support for helping to manage the patients at night.

– Nocturnal Hospitalist, TeleICU Partner Site