Providence Bridge Pedal

The 23rd annual community celebration of Portland’s Willamette River bridges and bicycling.

Join your friends and neighbors for the one opportunity each year to bike or walk on Portland’s car-free streets and bridges, including the upper decks of both the Marquam and Fremont bridges.

The number of bridges involved in the ride will be limited this year as a portion of the Springwater Corridor will be closed, and the City of Portland’s restrictions on special events remain in place.

But the heart of the Providence Bridge Pedal remains intact. All cyclists will cross the upper decks of both the Marquam and Fremont bridges, with the exception of Kids Pedal participants.

The 6 Bridge Challenge


For many participants, completing a 13-mile long bike ride is no small accomplishment, especially for younger riders. We are challenging any young rider (12 years old or younger) to complete the full ride over all 6 bridges. If they are successful, they will be rewarded.

Children registered for either the Main Ride or Marquam Express will receive a “6 Bridge Challenge” scorecard with their registration materials. During the ride, get the card stamped at the designated booth on the Marquam and Fremont bridges. Present the completed stamped card at the finish line “6 Bridge Challenge” booth and receive a free t-shirt.

 6Bridge Challenge Shirts

Registration Fee Rollback

We want the Providence Bridge Pedal experience to be available to as many people as possible. So we are rolling back the registration fee to 2003 levels. There are no longer age and group rates. Each ride has just one low rate for all participants.

Ride Options:

  • Marquam Express - Enjoy sunrise and a light breakfast on top of the Marquam Bridge with stunning views of downtown Portland, the Willamette River and the Cascades. Then bike on I-405 to the Fremont Bridge and onto the rest of the Providence Bridge Pedal route.
  • Main Ride - This new configuration crosses six downtown bridges with a thrilling ride on I-405 from the Marquam to the Fremont Bridge. Riders may do multiple loops.
  • Kids Pedal- Even the youngest cyclists can enjoy being part of Providence Bridge Pedal with this three-mile loop crossing the Hawthorne and Steel bridges. Adults are welcome too as long as they are chaperoned by a child under 13 years of age. Although this is a free event, registration is required. Kids Pedal is the one Providence Bridge Pedal event with a registration limit so sign up early.
  • Bridge Stride - The Providence Bridge Stride route for 2018 is five miles long and crosses the Fremont and Steel bridges.