As a Patient, You Have Rights

Providence hospitals want to ensure that both patients and employees have a clear understanding of patient rights and responsibilities.

To Access Care

Individuals have the right to impartial access to treatment or accommodation that are medically indicated and available at our hospital, regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin or sources of payment for care.

To Respect and Dignity

You have the right to considerate and respectful care as a person of dignity created and loved by God and therefore be free from neglect, exploitation and any type of abuse.

To Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy will be respected. Your care and treatment are confidential and you have the right to privacy during discussions about your care, exams and treatments.

To Participate in Health Care Decisions

You have the right to actively participate in decisions regarding your care. You will have your personal, cultural and spiritual values and beliefs supported when making a decision about treatment. If you desire, your family or significant other may participate in decisions about your care. You have the right, at your own expense, to request the consultation of a specialist.

To Informed Consent

You have the right to be fully informed by your doctor of your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis to that you can make informed decisions regarding your care (except in case of emergency). To the degree possible, this should be based on a clear, concise explanation of your condition and all proposed technical procedures, including the possibility of any risk of death or serious side effects, problems related to recuperation and the probability of success.

To Refuse Care

You have a right to refuse treatment or leave the hospital, even if you have been advised for medical reasons not to do so.

To Continuity of Care

You have a right to assistance in planning for continued health care needs that may exist as you leave the hospital. This includes coordinating treatment, evaluations, and if necessary, transferring to another facility. Note: You will not be transferred without a complete explanation. A list of alternatives will also be provided.

To Adequate Pain Control

You have the right to have pain managed while receiving care and services.

To Communicate About Your Care

You are encouraged to learn and ask question about the treatment you are receiving. If necessary, hospital staff will obtain an interpreter or provide other mean for you to understand fully the care being given or proposed. If you choose, we can inform family and your care provider that you have been admitted.

To a Safe Environment

You have the right to receive care in a safe setting, and to be free from any forms of abuse or harassment. You have the right to access protective services.

To Request and Receive Accurate Information about Your Bill

You have the right to itemized and detailed explanation of the total charged billed for services given, regardless of the source of payment. You have the right to timely notice prior to termination of your eligibility for reimbursement by any third party payer. If you have question regarding your bill, please call (866) 356-6658.

To be Free of Restraints

You will not be restrained unless needed to protect you or others from harm. If needed, they will be taken off as soon as your behavior no longer poses a safety threat.

To Have Your Wishes Honored

Your advance directives will be honored if you are unable to make decisions about your care. If you have an advanced directive, your wishes such as not receiving life sustaining treatments, will be honored. For more details, ask for the booklet Your Life, Your Decisions at any registration desk. If appropriate, we will provide end-of-life care and help coordinate donations of organs and other tissues as desired.

To Your Medical Records

You may have access to information contained in your medical records within a reasonable period of time (except as restricted by law), and to have the information explained by qualified professionals. You may also request amendments to your records and obtain information about disclosures of your health information, in accordance with applicable law.

To Information on Hospital Policies

You will receive information about our policies, rules or regulations applicable to your care, including the use of service animals in public areas of the hospital.

As a Patient, YOU have the Responsibility:

  • To be as accurate and complete as possible when providing medical history and treatment information.
  • To report unexpected changes in your condition to your doctor and take part in decisions about your care. Ask your nurse or doctor questions if you have concerns about your care.
  • To consider your physicians advice and follow the treatment plan recommended. This includes notifying your physician if you are unable to keep an appointment. If treatment is refused or not followed, you are responsible for your actions.
  • To examine your bill and assure that financial obligations are fulfilled as promptly as possible. Please provide correct information for insurance claims and make payment arrangements if needed.
  • To consider the rights of others. Please be considerate of other patients and hospital personnel.
  • To abide by Providence hospital and clinical policies.
  • To provide us with a copy of your medical advance directives or living will, if you have one.
  • To work with staff to complete a care checklist if requested.