​​​​​World-Class, Compassionate Neurological Care

Neurological conditions are diverse and complex, and some are life-changing. This is why we offer tailored, precision care with compassionate specialists who help you live life to the fullest.

Why Choose Us for Your Neurological Care?

At Providence, we see more than patients – we see the life that pulses through us all. Learn why we have 480,000-plus visits each year with neurological patients who trust us to deliver the best outcomes.

Our approach to neurological care focuses on the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our doctors specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and treating all neurological conditions, whether common or rare. Because neuroscience is a complex field, you’ll have access to a team that includes many highly skilled subspecialists who are experts in every aspect of your care.

Your neurologists work with you to design a treatment plan that fits your needs. If your condition is life-changing and requires long-term care, Providence is here for you. We offer a wide range of support services, from ongoing rehabilitation to support groups and exercise classes. We also support your family and loved ones, because we know the best and most effective care includes the people you love.

We take a team-based approach to care, and our world-class neurologists have outstanding success rates for treating conditions such as stroke and spine disorders. We have highly trained and dedicated neuroscience subspecialists for nearly 50 diseases. Neurologic conditions are complicated, and our subspecialists have the experience needed for the best outcomes. Because this expertise is so important, we recruit our physicians through more than 30 prestigious subspecialty fellowship programs. We also train neuroscience medical experts through a few highly specialized fellowships.

At Providence, we are committed to providing access to great care for everyone in our diverse community. We respect and support the racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual and spiritual identities of each of our patients. We offer location-specific services such as translation for non-English-speaking patients, telehealth and transportation assistance.  And, in keeping with our Mission, Providence offers financial assistance programs that provide free and low-cost care to those who are eligible.

As our patient, you benefit from one of the largest networks of specialty trained neuroscience physicians in the country. This collaborative system includes award-winning physicians, scientists, researchers and caregivers across 51 hospitals in seven states. The knowledge and skills of these professionals, combined with the expertise of your local team, mean you’re getting the best personalized care.

Providence is a leader in the advancement of neurological care, with the largest neuroscience datasets in the country for stroke, spine surgery and brain tumor surgery. Researchers use these datasets to improve treatments. Our ongoing research focuses on a broad spectrum of neurological conditions. A few of these include brain and spine diagnoses, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), dementia, epilepsy, headaches and Parkinson’s disease. We also conduct internationally recognized research on numerous neurological conditions, including stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS). As our patient, you can participate in one of more than 120 ongoing neuroscience clinical trials. This groundbreaking research and innovation translate into better care – and a better life – for you and your loved ones.

How Our Doctors Are Making a Difference

Our patient Tracy Krueger had a stroke during jiu-jitsu practice. Tracy talks about the swift, expert care he received at Providence. He credits Amit Kansara, M.D., a stroke neurologist at Providence Neuroscience Institute, with his remarkable recovery and ongoing care.

Personalized Treatment for Your Neurological Condition

Neurological disorders can require lifelong attention. If you have a life-changing condition, we’ll develop a long-term relationship to care for you, well beyond treatment.

Neurological Care at Providence, by the Numbers

Thousands of patients trust us with their neurological care every year.

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