Also known as: Pregnancy, Labor and Birth

We know the importance of this moment to you. That’s why our caring team always provides personalized maternity care in a warm and inviting environment, tailored to achieve your ideal birth experience.

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of life’s greatest experiences—one that should fill your heart with joy. It’s true that nine months sound – and sometimes feel – like a long time to be pregnant. But when you think about all the dramatic changes taking place for both you and your baby, it really is amazing that nine months are all it takes.

Fortunately, those nine months will give you plenty of time to make some important decisions, like where to give birth, who to choose as your provider, and whether genetic testing is right for your family. You’ll definitely want to tour our family maternity and birth centers, and get prepared by taking classes, too.

Whether you choose an obstetrician, midwife or family practice doctor for your delivery, we'll work with you to ensure your pregnancy is filled with both happy anticipation and confidence to make informed choices.

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Providence offers classes for every stage of life.  Let us help you prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

Our class types include:

  • Childbirth preparation
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Infant massage
  • Infant CPR and safety
  • New moms’ group
  • Parenting education

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The last step of the delivery experience is for you and your baby to transition to postpartum care after being discharged home. During the postpartum period, it is expected for mothers to experience many changes, both emotionally and physically as you learn to care for your newborn. You need to take good care of yourself to rebuild your strength by getting plenty of rest, good nutrition, and help during the first few weeks.

Maternal assessment:

  • Assessment of vital signs including pain scale measurement
  • Evaluation of delivery site to monitor healing or look for signs of infection
  • Examination of breast and nipple tissue, and treatment for engorgement, sore nipples and relief for other breast/nipple pain issues if needed
  • Education and technical assistance for breast, breast pump or bottle feeding

Infant assessment:

  • Assessment of vital signs and brief review of systems
  • Review of pre-discharge bilirubin lab result and complete a visual jaundice inspection
  • Evaluation or development of feeding plan, check weight gain since discharge, and infant voiding 
  • Observed feeding assessment, including pre and post feeding weight check

Doctors Specializing in Maternity

At Providence, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.

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