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From getting estimates and financial assistance to budgeting and planning to bill payment—we’re here to help you with everything related to your costs of care.

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Our financial counselors can help you plan for your care, navigate the costs of your care, and apply for financial assistance and health insurance coverage that can help cover the costs of your care.

Our price estimator tool provides out-of-pocket cost estimates based on your facility, type of care, and insurance (if you have it), so you can get a better sense of what it might cost. You don’t need to have insurance to get an estimate.

Set up an interest-free payment plan that, unlike loans or credit cards, offers long-term payment options and no late fees.

Easily manage and pay your health care bills online on a single secure platform.

Financial Assistance

At Providence, we support everyone who comes to us for care, regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We recognize that many people in our community either don't have health insurance or those with insurance may have high out-of-pocket costs.

Either way, you shouldn’t have to delay care due to financial concerns. Roughly three out of four people who apply for financial assistance receive support, covering up to 100% of the costs of their care. We’re here to help.

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Understanding Your Medical Bill

We can help you understand your bills, navigate the billing process and easily make payments or access financial assistance.

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Contact Resources

To easily access the billing support you need, visit our contact resources directory. You'll find detailed contact information, hours of operation and the option to receive prompt assistance either by phone or email.

Top Financial Support FAQs

We’re here to help. If you are unable to pay for some or all of your medical care, you may be eligible for Providence’s financial assistance program. This program provides free or discounted services to eligible patients.

Our financial counselors can also assist you in applying for many government programs that can help with the costs of care. And we offer interest-free, long-term payment plans starting at $25 a month and lasting up to 24 months.

Please note that if you have not yet received a bill, you will not be able to set up a payment plan. If you’ve received a bill and would like to set up a payment plan, visit our Payment Plan page to get started. However, financial assistance applications can be filled out at any time before, during or after you receive care.

You may receive several documents as part of a normal billing cycle. These include:

  • Estimates - Before certain tests, procedures, or other health care services, self-pay and out-of-network patients get an estimate that outlines their out-of-pocket costs. It’s not a bill or a request for payment. As this is an estimate, final costs might end up being higher or lower.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - Health insurance companies generate an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) each time they process a medical claim. The EOB isn’t a bill either—it simply lists the claims, how much is covered by health insurance, and any balances the patient may be responsible for paying.
  • Bill - Finally, the bill states the amount a patient owes members of the care team, including the physicians or hospital. It includes a detailed description of the services provided for that visit.

In each state, laws exist to help protect you from unfair medical billing. The federal No Surprises Act also helps to prevent unexpected bills, facilitates cost estimates and limits charges from out-of-network providers.

To learn more about your right to a Good Faith Estimate and pricing transparency, visit Get a Price Estimate.

Providence determines your bill based on several factors, including the costs associated with the following:

  • Specific medical services, treatments and procedures you receive.
  • Duration of your hospital stay.
  • Complexity of your condition.
  • Medications administered.

Additionally, the bill may also take into account your insurance coverage, applicable discounts, financial assistance and any outstanding balances from previous visits. Your financial responsibility will be determined based on your insurance plan's coverage.

The billing process is transparent, and you can inquire about the details of your bill by contacting Providence's billing department or reviewing the itemized statement provided to you.

Price transparency is our commitment to offering a clear and accessible breakdown of health care service costs, charges and associated fees for common procedures, tests, medications and other services offered by the hospital. This information helps our patients make more informed decisions about their treatment options and explore potential alternatives.

Here's how you can get a better sense of what your care could cost:

  • Get a free price estimate on the Get a Price Estimate page
  • Learn more about pricing transparency options on the Pricing Transparency page, where you can select a region to download a hospital's file of its standard charges

For more information about getting help with your Providence medical bill you can visit the contact resources directory, request an appointment with a financial counselor, or visit a billing office at your local Providence facility.


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