Providence Nursing Institute

Providence Nursing Institute

Nurses are the Heart of Providence.

Statistic graphic for Providence Nursing Institute. 36,000 nurses, 5 million unique patients served, 51 hospitals, 1,085 clinics, and 53 acute care locations


We strive to make every encounter sacred. This is core to our mission and why we seek to inspire the highest potential of every Providence nurse.

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Life-Long Learning

We are 100% committed to life-long learning, development and advancement. This is just one way we help nurses deliver whole-person patient care.

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We are steadfast in advancing nursing practices equally across the seven states and full range of care delivery types we serve.

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Striving to Make Every Encounter Sacred

With every life we touch, we affect more than one individual, strengthening our communities and making the future brighter. Our work creates a better, healthier world for all people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.


We care for each other just as we do for our patients. Providence strives to create fulfilling work environments that make every nurse feel valued, heard and included.  

Climbing ladderGROWTH

We are committed to empowering your calling as a nurse. We offer fellowships and residency for all with everyday support on the most advanced technology and resources.

Hands holding communitySACRED ENCOUNTERS

Nurses at Providence are leaders who transform every encounter into a sacred relationship. We see your value, help you transform care and strive to amplify your impact.

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