About Us

caregiver seated with patient
Practice with Heart

Providence nurses strive to make every encounter sacred because they see you, they take the time to know you and they ease your way. They lead, inspire and place their patients first, providing world-class whole-person care.

Our Tenets: The Providence Nurse

Together with our 48,000 nurses we are defining what it means to be a Providence nurse.

CollaborationFellowships and Residencies for All

We believe that all nurses should have access to a residency program when transitioning into practice and to a fellowship program when transitioning into specialty. We offer an accredited evidence-based residency program to all newly graduated nurses who choose to practice at Providence.

Climbing ladderProfessional Development

As nurses we understand the importance of life-long learning and encourage continuous professional development. We support you in each stage of your career, from residency or practice to specialty or fellowship to management and leadership roles. Explore development opportunities.

Personal growthAdvanced Practice

Advanced practice is vital to our mission of Health for a Better World. At Providence, we value the contributions of advanced practice registered nurses, nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists and physician assistants. 

Hands holding communityCompassionate Care

Providence nurses strive to make every encounter sacred. We approach every interaction with compassion, taking the time to know our patients and easing their way through the healing process.

People talkingEngagement

We believe that all nurses should have an opportunity to influence their practice. We support and promote a shared leadership structure that gives nurses a voice on their practice.

Holding handsInclusive Care

We are an inclusive workforce that champions diversity of thought, experience, culture and beliefs. We cherish our core values of compassion, dignity, justice and integrity. For example, bullying is a pervasive issue that has been observed in nursing schools and in practice settings. It is destructive to nurses and organizations. At Providence, we do not tolerate bullying behaviors, condescending attitudes, destructive resentments or backstabbing. 

Meet Our Team

“As I think about our future, I consider the importance of civility, of life-long learning, the prerogative of independent nursing practice and self-governance, and supporting nurses who transition into practice or specialty. Together, we will reinforce these tenets. Together, we will define what it means to be a Providence nurse. Together, we will ensure Health for a Better World.”

- Syl Trepanier, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Providence Nursing is led by a system-level Nursing Leadership Council (NLC) that uses a shared governance model to ensure that every care location is treated equally, and the voice of every nurse is represented and heard.

Sylvain Trepanier, SVP Chief Nursing Officer

Sylvain ‘Syl” Trepanier, DNP, RN, CENP, FAONL, FAAN
Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Michelle James

Julie Hilsenbeck, DNS, RN, CNRN
Associate Vice President, Nursing Clinical Operations
Providence Nursing Institute

LeAnn Ogilvie

LeAnn Ogilvie, MSN, MHA, RN, NE-BC
Executive Director, Clinical Academy
Providence Nursing Institute

Troy Larkin

Troy Larkin, Ph.D., RN
Executive Director, Nursing Outcomes and Education
Providence Nursing Institute

Providence is Mission-Driven

Providence nurses play a critical role in creating healthier communities. As primary advocates for the vulnerable in their communities, nurses are critical to Providence’s mission of making great care affordable and accessible to all.  Learn more about our heritage.