Set Up a Payment Plan

Our payment plans are easy to set-up and include the following benefits:

  • No interest payments starting at $25 a month
  • No penalties for early payments
  • No monthly stress or hassle - set-up automatic payments from your credit/debit card or bank account

You will be able to select one or all bills to include in your payment plan as well as select the number of months to make payment. Plus, you have the option to automatically include future bills in your monthly plan.

Ways to Set Up a Payment Plan

Here are some ways to consider setting up a payment plan:

By phone

Our customer service team can assist. Visit Contact Resources to get the phone number for your nearest location.


Payment plans can be set up by navigating to your billing portal. Click here to find your provider's billing portal.


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How to Access Financial Assistance at Providence

At Providence, we want to support everyone who comes to us for care, regardless of coverage or ability to pay. Patients with questions or concerns about their medical bills are encouraged to contact us to see what options may be available to help them, including financial assistance. 

Our financial counselors can help you:

  • Apply for government and community-based assistance
  • Apply for financial assistance and medical coverage
  • Get free or low-cost care if you are eligible
  • Explore interest-free, long-term payment plan options

Try Our Eligibility Calculator

Schedule an Appointment with a Financial Counselor

Understanding Your Medical Bill

Providence determines your bill based on several factors, including the specific medical services and treatments you receive, the duration of your stay, the complexity of your condition, insurance coverage and the associated health care costs.

Top Payment Plan FAQs

Our payment plan terms can be customized to meet your budget, with payments starting as low as $25 per month. We will work with you to find a monthly payment amount and number of months that works best for you.

Payment plans can be set up by navigating to your billing portal. Click here to find your provider’s billing portal.

Or, call us at 855-229-6466, Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (PT).

No, we do not charge you interest; our payment plans are interest-free.

Yes, your payment information is stored securely and your personal data is protected. We keep your information confidential.

You have the option to include future bills in your monthly plan. You can make this selection when you enroll in the payment plan, or you can contact us to add at a future date.

You can decide to exclude future bills when you create your payment plan. You are in control of what is included in the payment plan.

Providence helps patients who may not have the financial ability to pay all or part of their medical bills. This includes people who don’t have health insurance, as well as those who do have insurance but are unable to pay their out-of-pocket costs. Please call us to speak with a financial counselor, 855-229-6466, Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (PT).

There are no hidden fees. There are no penalties for early payments.

Yes, you can pay more than the monthly payment amount and there are no penalties for early payments or balance pay-off.

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Need More Help with Billing?

Head to our state-specific contact resources page to connect with our team.