At Providence, our highly trained neurosurgeons improve lives, change lives and save lives. From simple treatments to the most complex procedures, our specialists provide compassionate, expert care to help you live life to the fullest – mind, body and spirit.

Why Choose Us for Your Neurosurgery?

As our patient, you have access to neurosurgeons with deep experience in subspecialties like spine surgery and neurovascular surgery. Here are three more reasons patients trust Providence with their neurosurgery:

We know how limiting a neurological condition can be and how it can weigh on your mind and body. That’s why your neurosurgeon gets to know you and creates a care plan for your health needs and lifestyle. They work as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside critical care doctors, general neurologists, radiologists and other clinicians. The result is seamless care, from your diagnosis through your rehabilitation.

We perform every type of neurosurgery. Our neurosurgeons are board-certified and have fellowship training in subspecialties. This means Providence is here for you with the skills and knowledge for the most complex brain and spine procedures. Our expertise is one reason more than 4,500 patients trust Providence with their neurosurgery each year.

Providence offers options and hope to patients seeking the most advanced neurological surgeries. We are early adopters of new technology, including imaging systems that guide surgeons during procedures. And advancements in minimally invasive techniques have led to quicker recovery times for our patients. Our leadership in innovation helps us provide better care – and a better life – for you and your loved ones.

About Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery treats problems and diseases related to the brain, spinal cord and nerves. There are many types of neurosurgery. At Providence, we provide every type of neurosurgical service. This includes minimally invasive surgery, which causes less trauma to the body and leads to a quicker recovery.

Some types of neurosurgery are planned well in advance. Others, such as surgery for a traumatic brain injury, are emergency procedures. No matter what kind of neurosurgery you need, you’re in the best hands with Providence.


For many people, neurosurgery can be the difference between declining and thriving. This is especially true if their condition has come to prevent them from doing everyday tasks and enjoying life. For those with an emergency condition like an aneurysm, our rapid, precise care can be lifesaving.

Conditions We Treat

Our neurosurgeons remove brain, spine and pituitary tumors, treat brain and spine trauma, and care for patients with congenital or degenerative spinal conditions. Conditions we treat include:

Types of Neurosurgeries We Offer

Depending on your condition and symptoms, your neuroscience specialists may recommend one of the following procedures:

Minimally invasive surgery

At Providence, we commonly perform minimally invasive surgery for some spine and brain conditions, including some strokes and aneurysms. Minimally invasive procedures require small or no incisions. Instead, specialists use imaging technology, catheters, wires and other tools to treat patients. Minimally invasive procedures cause less harm to body tissue. For many patients, this means less time in the hospital and improved outcomes.

Open surgery

Even some conventional open surgery has become less invasive. New medical technology allows our surgeons to make smaller cuts when they perform certain procedures. This can lead to a better overall recovery for our patients.

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