Getting Ready

Getting your bike ready

The League of American Cyclists has developed a simple process for checking your bike to make sure you are ready for your ride.

Portland’s Bureau of Transportation has a reference page that gives local resources for bike repairs, maintenance and bike riding skills.

Getting a new bike

If you are considering getting a new bike, there are three basic types to choose from: road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes. Any one of these is appropriate for Providence Bridge Pedal.

A road bike is lighter, more aerodynamic and has thinner tires making better for longer rides on paved surfaces. A mountain bike is a heavy, rugged bike that is good for both roads and trails. It can be more comfortable to ride but it is slower and not good for longer rides. A hybrid bridges these two types of bikes. It offers an upright bike and can be used on and off the road.

Good quality bikes cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars. To get the right bike that is right size for you, you should get professional help at a reputable bike store.

See a list of Portland area bike stores »

Renting a bike

There are a number of places in Portland to rent a bicycle to ride in Providence Bridge Pedal. Most rental bikes are reserved well before August, so get your order in early.

See a list of Portland area rental bike shops »

Getting yourself ready

It sounds simple but the best way to prepare for a bike ride like Providence Bridge Pedal is to ride your bike. Start with short rides and ad a few miles to your ride each week. The good news is you have most of the summer to prepare.

If you are interested in joining organized rides, the blog “Bike Portland” has a comprehensive list of Portland area rides.