Providence Bridge Pedal

A Celebration of Bicycling, Portland and the Willamette River Bridges
Celebrating the Fremont at 50

For 50 years the Fremont Bridge has been a fixture of Portland’s skyline. When it opened in 1973, Interstate highways and bridges were built exclusive for motorized vehicles. Bikes and pedestrians were forbidden. As a result, for most of the year, the Fremont can only be accessed by a car or truck. The exception is the second Sunday in August. Providence Bridge Pedal is the one opportunity each year for walkers and cyclists to enjoy the unparalleled views from the top deck of the Fremont Bridge and from its slightly older sibling, the Marquam Bridge.

On August 13, join the celebration

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Mt. Hood Sunrise

Video by: Andrew Wallner

Fremont Express

The festivities begin at sunrise with a light breakfast on the top of the Fremont Bridge. From the Fremont, the views of Portland, the Willamette River and the Cascades are stunning. After breakfast, climb on your bike for a thrilling ride through downtown Portland on I-405 and across the Marquam Bridge before joining the traditional Providence Bridge Pedal route.

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Bicyclists at Providence Bridge Pedal

6 Bridge Challenge

The 6 Bridge Challenge encourages younger cyclists to stretch their bicycling skills. Any cyclists twelve years old or younger who completes the 13-mile ride, crossing six of the downtown bridges—the Morrison, Ross Island, Hawthorne, Marquam, Fremont and Steel—will be rewarded with a finisher medal at the finish line.

Bridge Stride

Providence Bridge Stride is the opportunity for those who prefer walking to join the celebration. Providence Bridge Stride is a 5-mile walk crossing the Fremont and Steel bridges. Striders get to enjoy all the special activities on the Fremont Bridge before returning to downtown Portland for the finish line festival.

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