About Us

Supportive housing is a term used to describe a successful, cost-effective combination of affordable housing and support services to help people live more stable and productive lives. Typically, once a person finds safe, affordable housing they become more socially involved in their community and their health stabilizes or improves. Providence offers supportive housing in the communities we serve.

At Providence:

  • Our supportive housing program is designed for elderly or disabled individuals or families who qualify as very low-income. Learn more about eligibility criteria at each property by visiting the property’s information page.
  • It’s permanent. There is no limit to how long residents can rent an apartment, as long as they abide by the terms of the lease.
  • Residents are supported. All members of household have easy, facilitated access to supportive services to help them stay housed.
  • Service Coordinators reach out to residents to help them take advantage of on-site and community-based supportive services. Residents do not have to utilize any of these services as part of their lease agreement, it’s strictly voluntary.
  • Our caring staff keep an eye out for resident issues and address them before they become crises. Our staff is here to encourage stability in residents’ lives and to help them age in place.
  • Everyone in the resident household has opportunities for social and community interaction and participation.