Resident Stories

"I dearly love it here. The staff has always been so wonderful. They deserve a gold star!"
"I moved to Providence Supportive Housing in September 2004 and have been part of this diverse and vibrant living community ever since."
"Living here has changed my life because I am able to relax, enjoy myself and do more for myself than I could before."
"This is a perfect home. It couldn’t be better."
"We can afford the rent and not worry about how we will live from day to day. We're living a less stressful life thanks to Providence Supportive Housing."
"Living here gives me peace of mind and I am proud to have a place to call my own. It's peaceful and has a wonderful home-like atmosphere."
“I live in a community that is well-loved and very supportive of each other, it feels as if we are siblings.”
"My life here is very comfortable. My community is very friendly, We help look out for each other like family."
“The rent is reasonably priced, it’s quiet, the people are nice and there are no problems.”
"I love living on the top floor. I feel safe and don't worry about anything. I have peace of mind. Being here is like being part of a family."
"I like living here so much. It is peaceful and quiet. It's the best place to live for elderly people."
"My best friend lives in the same building and we visit each other a lot."
"I am so blessed to have found such a secure, clean and well-staffed apartment building. I live with my Shih Tzu Daisy in my one bedroom apartment."
“The best part of living here is the people are great and there’s a real sense of family. I love my apartment!”