Le's Story


"I was born and raised in Vietnam. I immigrated and settled at Emporia, Kansas in 1992, and reunited with my husband and two children who escaped by boat to the U.S. in 1982.

I worked as a meat cutter at Iowa Beef Processing (IBP), a branch in Kansas. Previously, I was an accountant in Vietnam. I worked at IBP for 10 years and retired in 2002.

After retiring, my husband and I relocated to Washington, where my daughter lives with her family. We love the climate here. My husband passed away in 2012.

My life at Providence Supportive Housing is very comfortable. I have a lot of friends close to my age; we get sick together, worry for each other and we seek help from the staff when we need support. I live by myself and do not bother anyone else. My community is very friendly. We help and look out for each other like a family.

In my free time I cultivate my garden box, read books and the Bible and go to church. Or, my friends here in the community take the bus downtown together and go shopping or to the beach. It’s very fun!"