Tricia's Story


Tricia Young has lived in many places. Her dad traveled a lot when she and her sister were young, so her family moved to a new city every few years. Much of her life was spent in Texas until a few years ago when a friend told her about the Pacific Northwest. “I needed a change in my life and Washington sounded nice, so I moved here. I packed up what I could fit in my car, along with my Ragdoll cat, Frankie, and came up here," she says.

"My outlook on life is much better now that I live in this apartment. I have hope and I believe every day is a chance to start over if needed. The best part of living in Providence Supportive Housing is the people are great and there’s a real sense of family. I try to greet each new tenant so they will feel welcome in their new home. I love my apartment!"

Tricia is a cat lover. She adopted Frankie five years ago when he was a kitten and now he’s the king of her apartment.

Tricia has always loved animals. She worked at an animal shelter for seven years. Her job included interacting with customers, taking the shelter dogs on walks and playing with the shelter cats.

Her kindness and compassion isn’t limited to animals. Tricia volunteered with the Special Olympics and enjoyed working with children who have special needs. She also spent a few years working in an Alzheimer’s special care unit.

In her free time, Tricia likes to play cards, work on puzzles and go shopping.